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And the Oscar goes to…

I love movies and I love the Academy Awards.  I figured that last night’s Oscars gave me a great occasion to post my favorites of 2011.  For fun, I categorized all the photos into Academy Award equivalents (you’ll see what I mean).  Some are obvious (Best Actor = Best Groom), some make sense only in my head (Best Animated Film = Best Bouquet/Garter Toss).  Just a note, the photos have been judged by photo quality, not by the actual subject.  In other words, Best Venue is my Favorite Venue Photo, not my Favorite Venue.  Hope that make sense, and enjoy my favorite photos of 2011.  It was very difficult to choose only 24, there were so many runner ups!

Best Cinematography – Venue
The amazing Augustana Lutheran Church.  There’s a great organ overlooking that alter, and if you know me, I LOVE organs.

Best Cinematography

Best Art Direction – Details
A hard one to choose, I went with this lavender/bird’s nest table centerpiece. 

Best Art Direction

Best Costume Design – Dress/Bouquet/Tux/Etc.
Another hard one to choose, but I love Stephanie’s bouquet with her grandmother’s Rosary wrapped around. 

Best Costume Design

Best Make Up – Preparation
For fun, I opted to go away from the Brides (read: could not decide between them) and went with the grooms getting prepped.

Best Make Up

Best Foreign Language Film – Cultural Ceremony
Tough one to decide on, I might have went with this one because the other favorite was taken below. And yes, this traditional Korean wedding ceremony was spoken entirely in a Foreign Language. 

Best Foreign Language Film

Best Supporting Actress – Bridesmaid
By no means a technically amazing portrait, but is she not the cutest?

Best Supporting Actress

Best Film Editing – Black & White
The traditional Korean ceremony had so many vibrant colors, but I love the timeless feel the Black & White conversion does for this photo. 

Best Film Editing

Best Sound Editing – Band
Um, so I had some pretty cool bands to pick from (a jug band for example), but these guys were awesome.  They serenaded each table, and I thought this guy looked awesome. 

Best Sound Editing

Best Sound Mixing – Dancing
Again, not a technically perfect photo, but don’t they look like they’re having fun? (They were, they were doing flips and spins and craaazy stuff) 

Best Sound Mixing

Best Documentary – Photojournalism
Bride and bridesmaids walking down the street with Pink parasols, could I ask for more? 

Best Documentary

Best Animated Film – Bouquet/Garter Toss
Love her expression, love the bouquet in the shot.

Best Animated Film

Best Visual Effects – Use of Flash
I had barely a minute to set up this shot and get it right before the couple was pulled away.

Best Visual Effects

Best Supporting Actor – Groomsmen
I think this is very Mad-Men-esque.

Best Supporting Actor

Best Original Score – Father Daughter Dance
This dance always makes me cry, no lie. 

Best Original Score

Best Original Song – First Dance
Having fun already! 

Best Original Song

Best Adapted Screenplay – Speeches
Hector didn’t often crack a smile, but these speeches were hilarious. 

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Original Screenplay – Ceremony/Vows
They snuck  in so many smiles to each other, so smitten the entire time! 

Best Original Screenplay

Best Live Action Short Film – Action Shot
Anyone wanna jump off the dune?  I will!  Bam.

Best Live Action Short Film

Best Short Documentary – First Look
First looks are always my favorite, hooray for Curtis and Nicole for doing one! 

Best Short Documentary

Best Animated Short Film – Flower Girls/Ring Bearers
Maya, the Adorable Flower Girl playing with her mother’s dres

Best Animated Short Film

Best Director – Couple
Taken at Cannon Beach, with haystack rock in the background!

Best Director

Best Actor – Groom
A great silhouette  of Jared.

Best Actor

Best Actress – Bride
I never take a shot from this angle, but Natasha was looking so awesome.

Best Actress

Best Picture
One of my easy favorites.  Not sure why, but I love it.  It also helps that Shawna looks so rawr.

Best Picture

Let me know what you think of my favorites!  Do you agree?  Do the categories make no sense to you?  Heh, I don’t blame you.  Tell me here or at facebook.


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