Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

Lily & Family in Portland

Lily and her family moved to Germany last spring, but before they left, we made sure to get some photos of them in downtown Portland, walking around their NW neighborhood, and hanging out at home.  Downtown Portland proved to be too exciting to hold Lily’s attention for long (playing a game of asking where I was worked to trick her into looking my way), but she had great fun walking around her neighborhood and showing me her room.

Portraits of Lily
Lily, where am I?

Portraits of Lily
Watching the kayakers

Portraits of Lily Portraits of Lily

Portraits of Lily

Portraits of Lily

Portraits of Lily Portraits of Lily

Portraits of Lily
Monkey jumping on the bed.

Portraits of Lily
Nicole, Lily’s mom, is an amazing tennis player.  No doubt, they’re starting early with this one.

Portraits of Lily
My favorite photo of the day, taken at the very end.  She looked up from reading the book and gave me this hilarious giggle.

Lily holds a special place in my heart because while being hilarious and adorable, she was also the first child I ever “officially” photographed!  (And because she has a very adorable chipmunk photo that obviously I’m attached to).  I’m sad that they’ve moved to Germany, but I’m so excited for their opportunity (Mom & family are from Germany).  I’m also *doubly* excited for their addition of twins that are soon to come!


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