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Dol, Urban’s First Birthday Party

Urban's Dol Photos

Urban had his first birthday party (known as a Dol in Korean) at Aquariva.  The theme was Tigger, since Urban was born in the year of the Tiger, and Urban’s mom, Mihye, did an amazing job planning and decorating the party.  The table spreads were very impressive with gift boxes as decorations, photo frames, and candles.  There were photo albums filled with photos from Urban’s 1st year, cards for guests to write messages to Urban, and also guessing sticks for the Toljabee.

Urban's Dol Photos

Urban's Dol Photos Urban's Dol Photos

Urban's Dol Photos

The Tolijabee is a 1st birthday tradition where the birthday child is given a set of objects to choose from.  Whatever the object the child picks determine’s his future.  In this game, the items (and meanings) were:
– a bowl of rice (lots of luck)
– soccer ball (athlete’s career)
– bag of money (lots of wealth)
– stethoscope (doctor’s career)
– gavel (law career)
– needle and thread (long life)
– computer mouse (technology career)
– pen (academic career)

The Toljabee is always a hilarious and fun event.  Urban, dressed adorably in a dol-bok, was placed on a blanket and encouraged to crawl towards the objects.  While mom was trying to neutrally encourage Urban to pick an item, grandma was pointing excitedly towards the bag of money, and dad was calling for the soccer ball (grandma continued to put that one on the far end).  Urban’s pick for his first item was not so questionable as he immediately reached for the stethoscope.  We’ve got a future doctor in the house!

Urban's Dol Photos Urban's Dol Photos

For the second item, there were plenty of teasing moments as he would reach for various items before pulling away.  Soon they piled all the items around his feet, until he held his hand high in the air… reached down… and grabbed the soccer ball!

Urban's Dol Photos

As you can see, Dad was very excited.
Urban's Dol Photos

In the end, my favorite part of the birthday was the slideshow.  They put together an amazing slideshow filled with photos and videos clips of Urban, along with movie and TV clips to go along.  It was sweet, funny, nostalgic, and entertaining all together.  Possibly one of the best slideshow videos I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot since my sister makes awesome videos.

Urban and his family at the birthday table.
Urban's Dol Photos

Urban's Dol Photos

He looked so dapper with his bowtie and cap, I had to take a photo in the bar.
Urban's Dol Photos

I wish I understood what their conversation was about…
Urban's Dol Photos

A happy birthday boy!
Urban's Dol Photos


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