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My 2010 Favorites: Weddings

The last in my 2010 Favorites series: Weddings.

1. Bride Portrait. I like the angle and I like the colors (soft purple eye make up matching the green behind veil).  I like the focus on her face, and the framing from her hair, jewelry, and veil.  And I like her expression.

Wedding Photos

2. Foggy Backdrop.  The heavy fog was doing amazing things in the background.  It was nighttime, but the bright white lights on the golf course where illuminating the fog into a bluish purple color.  Un real.

Wedding Photos

3. Window Colors.  I love the colors coming in from the stained glass windows, and how the flowers match.

Wedding Photos

4. Receiving his Bride.  I like how the groom is framed between the Bride and her Father.

Wedding Photos

5. Ao Dai.  Okay, so this photo amuses me more than it should.  I’m a big fan (geek alert!) of the depth of field, but what makes me like this most, is the roast pig in the background which totally matches the dress, but totally changes the mood.

Wedding Photos

6. Speeches. Many things make me love this photo. The biggest things being the lighting in this photo, and most of all, how nicely self composed she is… in comparison to the rowdy groomsman on the ground.

Wedding Photos

7. Groom Dancing.  Uh, how can I not love this photo?  The awesome lights and fog in the background, plus this groom hamming it up for the camera make for a great photo.

Wedding Photos

8. Father of the Bride.  I like this photo for the colors.  I really like the maroon shelf and blue ao dai together.

Wedding Photos

9. Taking a Stroll.  Snapped this as they were headed off for formals by the fence.  I like photos that are natural and taken from far away.

Wedding Photos

10. Atlas the Ring Bearer.  Um, how can I not love this photo?  It’s of a dog, who was supposed to be the ring bearer, but due to his uncontrollable excitement over his parents getting married, he couldn’t go to the ceremony.

Wedding Photos

So there you have it!  My 2010 Favorites.  Here’s the rest of them:
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