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My 2010 Favorites: Wedding Moments

Since I have difficulty narrowing down photos to just ten, I created a sub category for weddings: wedding moments.

1. First Look.  My favorite first look of 2010.  Rachel came up from behind Po Po, and paused, standing still.  We were all waiting in silence, in anticipation, when she softly called, “Po Po.” Touching foreheads with each other was their thing.  Cuteness.

Wedding Photos

2. Photo Crashers.  I was taking formal group shots, and the girls decided they wanted one of just them.  Well, the groomsmen were having none of it, and jumped in to crash the photo.  Soon, everyone watching came running in.  I love photo crashers 🙂

Wedding Photos

3. First Hug.  This ceremony was very moving to me, even if I couldn’t understand a word of it (it was all in Spanish).  Everyone was crying, Ben and Dana were choking up with the vows, candles were lit (which I was shooting through), music was playing (I have no way to describe it other than being pretty, airy, and intense).  After their first kiss as husband and wife, Ben and Dana held each other for a long time, with the pretty airy intense music playing on.

Wedding Photos

4. Bachelors.  I’ve never seen guys go this crazy over a garter toss before.  That is, until there was a garter toss with $50 attached to it!

Wedding Photos

5. Mother and Daughter.  Maggie’s mother was trying to have a mother daughter chat before the wedding, but she couldn’t get her words out without getting overcome with emotion.  It made the both of them laugh, and I thought it was the cutest mother daughter talk ever.

Wedding Photos

6. Classic Limousine.  Hot hot day inside a black limousine, these two were all giggles and goofballs.  They found some props and had fun.

Wedding Photos

7. Father’s Speech.  Sarah’s father made a really sweet speech, where he read a letter to his daughter.  This is her mother listening on.

Wedding Photos

8. Girls during the Ceremony.  This ceremony was an hour long, which meant kids were getting restless.  This adorable girl kept visiting her mom (bridesmaid on the left), until eventually she sat in their laps and hung out for the ceremony.

Wedding Photos

9.  First Look.  An’s first look of his bride.  Next to him is his father, and behind him is one of his brothers.  At this moment, Janis is coming towards him, through the crowd, and in about 15 seconds, they both start crying.

Wedding Photos

10. Tandem Exit. Rachel and Po Po rode off on a tandem bike as a surprise departure.  We drove alongside them taking photos.  It was tons of fun, and they received plenty of congratulatory honks!

Wedding Photos


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