Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

My 2010 Favorites: Sports

Those who can’t do, teach?  In my case, that would be, photograph!  I’m a big fan of sports, watching, attempting to play, and most of all, photographing.  Here’s my top ten 2010 favorite sports photos, in chronological order.

1. Vancouver Lake Half Marathon.  Chuck Coats, he’s so speedy!

Sports Photography

2. Hagg Lake 25k/50k.  Annie running in the trails around Hagg Lake.

Sports Photography

3. Little League.  They scored a lot of runs on this hit.  I like that the ball is there, the batter is visible, and the runner on 3rd is heading home.

Sports Photography

4. Portland Rose Festival Dragonboat Race.  Yeah… Draggin Butts’ flag catcher was not suppose to fall off.

Sports Photography

5. Anniemaniacs at Practice.  My team.  I’m a fan of the sun’s highlighting.

Sports Photography

6. Fontainebleau Bouldering.  Climbing a classic problem with the peanut gallery watching.

Sports Photography

7. Fontainebleau Bouldering, again.  This area was so nice, with the big trees and the sandy ground.  I love the trees in this picture.

Sports Photography

8. Kite Boarding on the Gorge.  I went to Hood River for windsurfing, and took some photos also.  I like the “lifestyle” aspect of this shot.

Sports Photography

9. Bouldering in Leavenworth.  This problem was ridiculously hard, but it’s my favorite because of the lighting.  [geek alert!] Backlit by the sun, with the pale ground acting as a reflector.

Sports Photography

10. West Hills Tennis. Getting artisitc with tennis. Ben has the most beautiful serve. Someday, there’s going to a blog post dedicated to it.

Sports Photography


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