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My 2010 Favorites: Portraits

Next up for my 2010 Favorites series: Portraits, Children’s Portraits to be specific.

1. Hi Magdalena.  This is a favorite because the experience was so awesome.  Magdalena crawled into my lap, because she’s that friendly and easy going, and said “Hi!”

Children's Portrait Photos

2. Lily at the Park.  Many things I like about this photo.  First of all, I like that it’s in focus, no easy task with a swing at this angle.  Second, I like the blue found in the photo.  And third, I love the hair.

Children's Portrait Photos

3. Lucia at the Park. I’m a big fan of kids walking along walls.

Children's Portrait Photos

4. Ada’s Smile.  This baby girl would not stop smiling at me, it was awesome.  And [geek alert!] this room was filled with harsh overhead lighting, and I managed to use this giant white kiddie table as a reflector.

Children's Portrait Photos

5. Deegan Hiding.  I like shy kids that hide from the camera.

Children's Portrait Photos

6. Fetch Me My Cigar.  The lucky result of a toddler’s attempt to roll out of his chair and crawl on the ground.

Children's Portrait Photos

7.  Paloma and Chloe.  I love their expressions, and their outfits are awesome too.

Children's Portrait Photos Children's Portrait Photos

8. Blue Steel.  Derek Zoolander has nothing on these kids.

Children's Portrait Photos Children's Portrait Photos

9. Kai on the Run.  I find this photo awesome due to his expression, and the memory of him running like crazy away and then towards us.

Children's Portrait Photos

10. Lily the Chipmunk.  I have a special, special, attachment to this.  Oh, and [geek alert!] I definitely thought I had enhanced her eyes when I looked back at this photo, but no, that’s how it was.  Go Chipmunks!

Children's Portrait Photos

And… for a bonus, of course, another photo of Yohan!  One of my many favorites of him.

Children's Portrait Photos


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