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Candlelight Vigil for Japan

Candlelight Vigil for Japan Photos

Last Friday, a candlelight vigil was held at Pioneer Square for the survivors and victims of the March 11th Sendai earthquake and resulting tsunami. It was a last minute event organized by four students from Japan. They were able to gather over 1000 people to stand out in the cold for two hours. Once everyone had gathered, they began some speeches. It seemed that as soon as they started on the speeches, the rain absolutely poured. It felt as though we were on a movie set and someone had decided to cue the rain and hail. It was ridiculous, but we all stood out there regardless.

Candlelight Vigil for Japan Photos

Personally, it was my first candlelight vigil. I had an electric candle, which worked out great against the rain and strong wind, but it didn’t feel very legit to me. I could throw it in my pocket and forget it it, whereas wax candles had to be watched… like a vigil.  At one point, I was upset by the media photographers blocking the views of the spectators.  I was also bugged by the number of people I saw without candles and with cameras instead (yes.. I know… hello kettle, pot is calling you black), but really, there were plenty of candles behind me.

Candlelight Vigil for Japan Photos

Once the speeches cleared up, the rain eased and Takohatchi, Japanese Taiko and Dance group, performed their songs.  We’re trying to recruit Yumi for our dragon boat team 🙂

Candlelight Vigil for Japan Photos

Candlelight Vigil for Japan Photos

In the end, the vigil was able to raise $7833 to be donated to Peace Winds Japan via Mercy Corps.  Well done organizers!


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