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Holidays with my Family

My family is pretty spectacular during Christmas time. We get pretty gung ho with the gift giving. It started out reasonable, but as the kids got older, we starting getting gifts for our parents. Then each other. Then there were husbands thrown into the mix. And now (the best) a third generation, a baby boy. Throw in multiple presents, because of course we can’t just get one present for each other. And, Yohan has to have the most presents.

Christmas Photos Christmas Photos

As far as Christmas traditions go, our family is pretty predictable. My dad and Cookie ask to open presents right away while Annie insists on waiting “at least until Christmas Eve!” We used to open presents Christmas morning, but then we started opening “one” on Christmas Eve. But eventually, “one” on Christmas Eve wasn’t enough.  Soon we started during the day, and then, the morning of Christmas Eve.  I wonder when we’ll end up opening presents on my Mom’s birthday, the 20th.

Christmas Photos

My dad tries to figure out what the presents are so he can give hints or clues to the recipients. In response, Cookie gets upset if he’s too obvious.  Annie likes to find creative ways to wrap clothing. My mom gets all three daughters at least one gift that’s the same. We like slippers, but the year we all got winter coats was pretty cute.  I decorate the tree the same every year, except this year we had to avoid decorating the bottom of the tree with fragile ball ornaments seeing how my nephew likes to see if all round things bounce when dropped or thrown.

Christmas Photos Christmas Photos

My favorite part of Christmas is my family.  Their excitement is the best. My dad tears into the wrapping paper the moment you hand him a gift and whatever he gets he opens immediately, or tries on. My mom makes a point to notice the nice wrapping job (we always make a point to wrap hers the nicest). Cookie makes the best expressions when she opens gifts, where every gift (no matter how crappy mine may be) is always well received. Annie gets just as excited and tries on whatever clothes she gets.  Kimmy refuses to let me reign terror on the wrapping jobs, and insists every present be decorated with some sort of ribbon or bow.  Sylvain and Ben try to keep up with the insanity that is our family. And lastly, Yohan, age almost 21 months, plays with whatever is placed in front of him, despite his parents dressing him in his new clothes.

Speaking of which, I guess that means I have an excuse to post some more photos of my nephew!

Christmas Photos Christmas Photos

Christmas Photos


2 responses

  1. cookied

    cute but i would like to rectify a point! i did not rush last xmas to open on xmas day! we even opened 26th. you forgot to count the runt!

    March 16, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    • maicamera

      True, but I would hope you wouldn’t start before Annie and Ben arrived! Although… didn’t “Yohan” get to open one of his gifts early?? I originally wrote this post the night before christmas, so I didn’t know Kimmy’s behavior at the time. Addendum: Kimmy refuses to let me reign terror on the wrapping jobs, and insists every present be decorated with some sort of ribbon or bow.

      March 17, 2011 at 1:39 am

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