Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

Las Vegas. Carpe Diem!

Or really, it should be carpe noctem. As I mentioned in my previous post, due to spending 17 of my waking hours on WPPI and eating, there wasn’t many hours left in the day for exploring Las Vegas. We often chose to spend the last 3 waking hours with geeky photo talk late into the night. However, on the last night in Vegas, we dragged ourselves outside (whoa, outside???) the hotel for a 4am visit to the Bellagio Hotel (to see fountains that don’t turn on in the middle of the night). I can finally say I’ve visited the Las Vegas Boulevard and won $5.50 in slots!  I’m such a Big Spender.

Las Vegas Photos

Las Vegas Photos Las Vegas Photos

Las Vegas Photos

That’s right.  It’s a lamppost.

Las Vegas Photos

Paris and New York City with palm trees.  Interesting.

Las Vegas Photos Las Vegas Photos

My experiences with Las Vegas:
– the people trying to get your business or tips are abnormally cheerful and friendly
– a shuttle ride from the airport to MGM Grand takes 75 minutes (40 mins waiting, 35 mins driving)
– Las Vegas air is dry and casino air is dry, so lotion, chapstick, and lots of water are a must.
– Starbucks at the MGM Grand does not do a discount for bringing a personal cup
– Fancy phones lose power quickly inside casinos, whereas my simple phone does not
– walking in the middle of the night on the Vegas strip is a way to avoid crowds and random flyers
– a shuttle ride from MGM Grand to the airport does NOT take “7 minutes since we [MGM Grand]” are NOT the “last stop before the airport”


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