Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

Happy New Year!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Today is the Lunar New Year. I’m really excited for this month. Last week was a long and rough week, where I was mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. I watched two movies that week, both of which did well to cheer me up. This week, February hit, and I am very excited for everything that’s coming up this month. First stop: Tet!

Tet Photos Tet Photos

The house is cleaned (I’m loving my reorganized room right now), there’s tons of rice (just bought a new bag last weekend), and we’re getting ready for yummy food and games tonight!

I summarize the new years superstitions as, “whatever happens today with happen all year.” Sometimes I take it literally, even if it’s meant to be metaphorically. So, I took my vitamins, and (hopefully) have not pulled out any hair (this is a problem of mine). I also had coffee this morning, whoops, oh well. Guess I’ll be hyper all year long, sounds good to me.


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