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10 Things I learned While Watching After Yohan

As mentioned, I traveled to France where I attended my cousin Janis’ wedding and climbed at Fontainebleau.  The rest of the highlights of my trip consisted of my nephew, family, and food.


We, being the aunts, uncle, and grandparents, got to babysit Yohan for a week while the parents were at work.  10 things learned:

  1. Whining is an act and toy distractions will get (an easily distracted) nephew to eat
  2. Chocolate yogurt is never refused
  3. Disguise a ham&butter sandwich by keeping the toppings from sight (French babies love their bread :D)
  4. Financiers are never refused
  5. If nephew is getting sleepy, playing at the park or a riding on a carousel will not energize him
  6. When feeling sick or sleepy, nephew will like to be held (score!)
  7. Kisses are a privilege allowed to aunts, whether nephew agrees or not
  8. 2 Euros are worth watching nephew enjoy the carousel
  9. Nephew grinning and walking (unbalanced) into the room is the best way to wake up in the morning
  10. “Hugs” and cuddling with nephew = the best

In other France vacation news:

I got to meet my cousin’s new baby girl, Chloe.  I got to hang out with my cousins (from France and USA) who I never get to see.  Lastly, I got a stomach virus for 5 days which prompted me to fit 7 days of desserts, and French food into my last weekend.

Yohan and his babysitting team

Yohan working the camera

Pertaining to Lesson 6: Sleepy at the wedding

SP w/ my nephew

Pertaining to Lesson 9: This is the smile I woke up to 🙂

Pertaining to Lesson 10: Yohan on the Manege

Chloe, the baby doll

Cousins, original and new

So, sadly, I have very few pictures of the delicious French food I got to eat. I picked up a stomach virus for 5 days which left me eating rice soup for days, and missing out on all desserts, fresh baguette sandwiches, croissants, cheese, all the good food to be found in France. My last weekend in France, I tried cramming a week’s worth of dessert in.

My favorite dessert while in France

Macarons from La Duree


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