Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

Ben’s Duathalon

Due to the Kent rescheduling, Ben wasn’t able to participate in a duathalon at Hagg Lake for his birthday. So, as a replacement, we decided to throw him a duathalon for his birthday. It was shorter than your regular duathalon, 5k run & “29k” bike ride filled with some challenges in between. The participants had to do a mini obstacle course at the playground during the 5k. At the exchange, they ate 34 Pringles. During the bike ride they had to solve puzzles and answer trivia questions. At the top of a hill, they were rewarded with limeade and at the finish they were rewarded with homemade brunch!

Ben's Duathalon Birthday Photos
Dillon trying out the zipline. It was part of the obstacle course.

Ben's Duathalon Birthday Photos
Trivial pursuit and biking.  (Waiting for thr bikers to arrive)

No pictures of brunch, yup, that’s right I didn’t take pictures of food.  Was kinda scrambling to make it, and was too hungry to pause for photos…


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