Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

Visiting Vancouver, BC

So, I’ve been to Vancouver, BC many times now, but never have I seen Stanley Park. However, this time, my parents flew in from DC to meet us in Vancouver for our dragon boat race, so we stayed an extra day in Vancouver to sight see. We didn’t do the bike around Stanley Park because the weather looked like it might rain, so we opted to visit the Beluga whales outside the aquarium, and take a walk around Beaver Lake. I have always felt a personal attachment to Beluga whales due to their large foreheads, a physical trait that the Duongs also share, so it was nice to see them in real life 🙂

Vancouver, BC photos
My parents outside the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver, BC photos
Baby Beluga whales intrigued by a bird. They followed this bird around whenever it landed in their pool area. Very cute curiosity.

Vancouver, BC photos
The friendly Beluga. Note the Duong-esque forehead. Maybe she saw us and felt a connection too.

Vancouver, BC photos
Family in the park

Vancouver, BC photos
Hunting Heron. He was “tip-toeing” across the lily pads. Here he’s just about to strike.

Vancouver, BC photos
You looking at me?

Vancouver, BC photos
Apparently I have a thing for taking pictures of birds, especially baby ducks.

Vancouver, BC photos
After the park we stopped by a really good Chinese restaurant. After over eating, we decided to order 5 more desserts. Heh. But look at what cute containers it came in!


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