Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.


Shot race photos for Intel’s JF5k. It rained. It rained the entire time. At one point, I was so into taking photos, I didn’t realize my lens was covered in rain droplets. Then, towards the end, my lens started fogging up! But, despite the rain, a lot of people still showed up for the 5k (I think it was 750ish out of 900ish). After the race ended, the sun started coming out and the rain stopped. Thanks.

Intel JF5k Photos
Race Directors

Intel JF5k Photos
Everyone warming up

Intel JF5k Photos
Runners at the start

Intel JF5k Photos
Leaders after the first lap

Intel JF5k Photos
First place female finisher!

Intel JF5k Photos
The dedicated volunteers got soaked!

Intel JF5k Photos
The race was supporting the Ethiopia Project

Intel JF5k Photos
The clean up went pretty fun since they had their own personal guitarist to serenade them.


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