Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

2010 Goals

And I’m back from the holidays! I went home to Maryland (where my adorable nephew stole my attention) and then off to California (where camping and wilderness cut me off from internet). But, now it’s 2010 and talk of resolutions is going on everywhere. I’m not one for new years resolutions, but I do like goals. These are my personal 2010 goals.

1. Make more meaningful blog posts. I started this blog on a whim, not sure what I’d put in it. I didn’t know who my audience was going to be, but I’ve decided to keep it as a photo blog, while still keeping the personal posts. I’d like to look back and see what I learned, and how I shot and viewed things. It’d be nice if this blog was useful for other photographers, while also useful to me. I also have this goal because I love reading my sister’s blog posts. I’d like to write interesting stuff like her.

2. Cook more. I love food and I want to love cooking. I’d like to try more experiments and become a master at my recipes. At the moment, my specialties are risottos and soups. I’d like to add fried rice and couscous to that list.

3. Take more photos. Everyone who hears this from me thinks this is crazy since I take so many already. I’d like to pick up a daily photo project. I haven’t found one that’s interested me yet. I might combine this goal with number 2. 🙂

4. Be more quick about uploading my personal photos. Since 10 years ago when I used to develop rolls of my film with the promise to my friends I would later give them copies (but never do it), I’ve gotten better about uploading and sharing my photos with friends and family. However, I’m still VERY far behind in uploading photos from 2009. My photos from my April-May Europe are a good example.

5. Floss more. I love flossing, I love going to the dentist (my new dentist is awesome). Only this past year did I start flossing (at the recommendation of my awesome new dentist). However, once I run out of floss, I fall off the wagon and don’t get back on right away. No more!

6. Watch more sports leisurely. Having no TV access at home makes it difficult to watch games. I find myself going to my favorite neighborhood burger joint whenever I want to watch my football team play. Actually, it’s a great excuse to get a bacon cheeseburger, but, I’d like to catch some live games at PGE Park.

7. See old friends more. Last year I went on a camping trip with friends in Yosemite. It was great to see them again. This past winter, I saw my roommate and best friend from college for only ONE day, after a 1.5 year long hiatus. This is unacceptable.

8. Learn to swim. This is a life long goal, but maybe 2010 is the year to do it? I can swim, but I don’t get anywhere very fast. My free style is something to be laughed at. My sisters tried to teach me one summer in the Mediterranean Sea, but there was a strong rip tide. The life guard told them to keep me out of the water.

9. Do a pull up. This should be a very easy goal. I’ve been rock climbing for two years now. I’m starting to climb v4’s. I should be able to do a pull up by now!

10. Take more sports photos. This will always be a goal for me. I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of sports photo taking.

And that’s all for now.


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