Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

Thanksgiving with Family

This weekend, my parents flew into Portland from Maryland for their first Thanksgiving away from home! This was a huge treat for my sister and I. Per Thanksgiving and Duong traditions, we played a lot of tennis and cooked delicious foods every day. The weekend was perfect (if you completely disregard the NW water issue) and I’m sad that they’re gone.

Family Photo at Thanksgiving
We’re missing Yohan and his parents, but we’ll get to see him at Christmas!

Butternut Squash Soup
My contribution to dinner: Butternut Squash Soup

Oso watching Mommy Carve the Rib Roast
Oso loves it when my parents come to town. Something good is always cooking, and Oso expects to be included (especially after my mom gave her pho bones)

Stuffing, one of the best things about Thanksgiving. But why only Thanksgiving? I should make it every day.

Apple Tart
One of my mom’s very many specialties: Apple Tart. This one was her most expensive tarts ever. She had to check in her luggage since she opted to make the almond creme filling in advance. No liquids, gels, or pastes allowed on board!


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