Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

Crater Mountain of the Mono Basin

Due to the snow storm that hit the Sierra Nevada Mountains, all our big hikes had to be scratched. Instead we went skiing at Mammoth Mountain (on October 16th, early, I know!). Saturday we went on a hike up Crater Mountain. Turns out, the snow made it easier to go up the slippery pumice gravel at the top. And the views? Amazing! So much reward for a pretty low key hike!

Register at the Summit
I signed my first summit log. Also at the summit was the first register, a little notepad placed there in 1966. It says:
Crater Mtn.
Ele 9,172 ft.
Placed by Joe Kurtak and C.R. Kurtak November 10, 1966 Came up from Mono Mills.

Walking back in snow
Walking back in snow

View from the summit
A view of snow-capped mountains all around


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