Professional Photographer Mai Duong, the most enthusiastic photographer you will ever meet.

How to Make Vietnamese Egg Rolls

During my trip back to Maryland, my mom taught us how to make Chả Giò, Vietnamese egg rolls. In the end, we were there for just the assembly of the rolls. The good stuff, the filling inside, is still a mystery to me.

The assembly line, breaking down because Mommy and Grandma are focusing on Baby Yohan!

The final product, Cha Gio, Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Assembly instructions:

Step 1: Wet rice paper in hot water

Step 2: Add filling towards one end

Step 3: Fold 3 edges over

Step 4: Roll into even sizes – this is very difficult to do with 5 amateurs

Step 5: Fry in hot oil

Step 6: Let oil drain

There you have it, eat up!


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